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Model # STC-P316U, Synchro Tapper STC-P

  • Powerful 1HP (0.75kw).
  • Long stroke 4.72inch (120mm).
  • Capable of producing class 3 threads with fully synchronized feed and rotation.
  • Fast production with rapid feed available.

  • Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

    Specifications  · Features  · Available Options


    Spindle Types

    3/4-12 ASA
    7/8-12 ASA

    1 1/16-12 ASA

    Standard Keyed Spindle


    1 HP (0.75 kW)

    Total Stroke

    0.79 ∼ 4.72 in
    20 ∼ 120

    Fast Approach Stroke

    1.18 ∼ 4.33 in
    30 ∼ 110

    Pitch Feed Stroke

    0 ∼ 1.57 in
    0 ∼ 40

    Fast Stroke Speed

    3.93 in/s

    Minimum Cycle Time (sec.)


    Motor Type

    Induction Motor

    Tapping Capacity

    Aluminium M22
    Steel M16

      Faster production
      Feeds are automatically changed from rapid approach to pitch feed to reverse feed on retract. This speed cycle greatly increases production capacity.
      Capable of class 3 thread accuracy
      Feed rate is synchronized with tool rotation allowing thin or soft materials to be worked efficiently.
      Flexibility to meet your specifications
      Easy adjustment for tap diameter, thread pitch and stroke length.
      Compact, versatile set-up
      Compact size allows installation in small spaces and operation at any angle.
      Long stroke, a variety of attachments
      Simple changeover from single tap head to mum-tap heads allows flexibility lot- use In either small lot or large lot production runs.

    Available Options


    LC-104, Level Clamps

    Tap Holders and Heads

    1TD-160FU, Tap Holders
    1TD-220FU, Tap Holder
    2TD-3080BFU-2-1, Twin Tapper Head
    2TD-3080BFU-2-2, Twin Tapper Head
    2TD-3080BFU-2-3, Twin Tapper Head
    2TD-3080CFU, Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Quick Change "Catch-Clip")
    2TD-60120AFU, Twin Tapper Head
    2TD-60120BFU-2-1, Twin Tapper Head
    2TD-60120BFU-2-2, Twin Tapper Head
    2TD-60120CFU, Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Quick Change "Catch-Clip")
    2TD-AM1CUE-3/4-12, Tapper Heads ASA Quick-Change "Catch-Clip"
    2TD-AM1CUE-5/8-16, Tapper Heads ASA Quick-Change "Catch-Clip"
    2TD-AM1UE-3/4-12-1, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    2TD-AM1UE-3/4-12-2, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    2TD-AM1UE-5/8-16-1, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    2TD-AM1UE-5/8-16-2, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    3TD-3080BFU-3-1, 3 Spindle Tapper Head
    3TD-3080BFU-3-2, 3 Spindle Tapper Head
    3TD-3080CFU, Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Quick Change "Catch-Clip")
    3TD-60120BFU-3-1, 3 Spindle Tapper Head
    3TD-60120BFU-3-2, 3 Spindle Tapper Head
    3TD-60120CFU, Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Quick Change "Catch-Clip")
    3TD-AM1CUE-3/4-12, Tapper Heads ASA Quick-Change "Catch-Clip"
    3TD-AM1CUE-5/8-16, Tapper Heads ASA Quick-Change "Catch-Clip"
    3TD-AM1UE-3/4-12-1, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    3TD-AM1UE-3/4-12-2, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    3TD-AM1UE-5/8-16-1, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    3TD-AM1UE-5/8-16-2, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    4TD-3080BFU-4-1, 4 Spindle Tapper Head
    4TD-3080BFU-4-2, 4 Spindle Tapper Head
    4TD-3080CFU, Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Quick Change "Catch-Clip")
    4TD-60120BFU, 4 Spindle Tapper Head
    4TD-60120CFU, Tapper Heads Collet Chuck Style (Quick Change "Catch-Clip")
    4TD-AM1CUE-3/4-12, Tapper Heads ASA Quick-Change "Catch-Clip"
    4TD-AM1CUE-5/8-16, Tapper Heads ASA Quick-Change "Catch-Clip"
    4TD-AM1UE-3/4-12, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    4TD-AM1UE-5/8-16, Tapper Heads ASA "Quick-Change" (Fixed Spindle)
    OTD-160FU, Offset Tapper Head
    OTD-220FU, Offset Tapper Head


    ·  Tapping Capacities Chart


    Circuit Diagram
    (PDF, 345KB)

    STCP316U DWF

    STCP316U DWG

    CAD STEP File - STC-P316U2

    (PDF, 2483KB)


    Level Clamps
    Level Clamps

     Tap Holders and Heads 

    Product Image - Tap Holder
    Tap Holders

    Item Image - Mini-Tapper
    Tap Holder

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