• Product Image - Drill Head Drill Chuck Style (Adjustable Spindle)
  • Item Image - Spring Return Type HSR

    Hydro speed regulators are designed to control the forward speed (feed rate) of the Selfeeder. Use of a regulator provides adjustable feed rates, faster cycle times, reduces burring, eliminates drill breakage, and prevents sudden forward surges at drill breakthrough. One regulator is required per Selfeeder for drilling operations.

    Special stroke length regulators are available.

  • UniversalStands

    Flexible/adjustable mounting components engineered for 5 axis angle adjustment providing excellent rigidity.

  • Application 2

    Simplistic mounting block, with precision cross key-way. Most often used on common vertical/horizontal applications or where customers mill angle plates for mounting.

  • Product Image - Multi-Stepfeeder Control

    Measures must be taken to prevent the wear and fracture of the drill in such machining processes.

    Step-feed maching is the most effective way of preventing such problems.

  • Product Image - Operation-Signal Kit

    Sequence control by trip switch. The trip switch is a means of supplying an electrical signal to trigger operation of other associated machines. The trip switch unit is a standard attachment, but optional. It is a simple matter to make a converter circuit in which the electrical signal will trigger a pneumatic operation.