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Zippel Aqueous Parts Washing Systems

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Rotary Transfer Machine RT

Rotary Transfer Machine RT

In order to satisfy steadily increasing re quirements for shorter processing times, Zippel has enhanced the classic multi-chamber system - Machines in the RT series combine innovative technology with efficient cleaning. Integrated robot systems for loading and unloading as well as deburring guarantee results in line with state-of- the art technology, even for work pieces with intricate designs.

Equipped with the latest technology in robotics and engineering, this system guarantees the highest possible load factor and can be easily integrated into any production line.

Technical Process
  • Multi-stage cleaning and rinsing processes
  • Optimum quality robot technology
  • Flake deburring up to ...
Robot Cell RC

Robot Cell RC

Zippel robot cell is a self-cleaning cleaning cell consisting of components - and wet area. The robot moves the work piece to the cleaning basins and the fixed nozzles and lances. Drying can either take place within the chamber by means of hot air or in an external vacuum chamber. The robot can be both standing and hanging integrated into the cell.

Zippel robot cell is particularly suitable for work pieces with complex geometry and frequent changes in the range of parts.

Technical Process
  • Flexible cleaning and deburring processes
  • Optimum quality robot technology
  • Flake deburring up to 1000 bar
  • Integrated medium maintenance system
  • Short cycle times
  • Largely ...
Throughfeed Cleaning Machine ZD

Throughfeed Cleaning Machine ZD

The ZD series is our innovative response to increasing quantities and diverse conveyor systems. Zippel throughfeed cleaning machines can be custom-fitted onto any production line. Depending on the machine length, the cycle time can thus be adjusted to the machines placed before and after the Zippel machine. In this way, the existing manufacturing process is neither interrupted nor delayed.

Technical Process
  • Multiple wash and rinse stations along the production line
  • Largely free of extracted air
  • Manual or automatic loading
  • Noise insulation enclosure for low emission levels
  • Process duration invidually programmable
  • Reverse chain motion inside the cleaning ...
Cleaning Machine for Crankshafts

Special Systems


Water and Heat Recovery

Service Portfolio
  • Nominal or absolute filter-systems (manual or automatic)
  • Micro-ultrafiltration systems
  • Belt-filter or backwash filter-systems
  • Physical separation technologies (e.g. centrifuge)
  • Magnetic separator