Drill heads which avoid interference with drill units jig fixtures or work pieces.
All multiple spindle heads have a gear ratio of 1:1.
Unit of Measure


Offset Pitch

N/A 3.0709 inches (78 mm)

Spindle Nose

N/A Adjustable Adapter 3/4 - 12

Machining Specification

N/A Drilling Reaming Tapping


N/A Blind Through


N/A Dry Oil Base Water Base

Working Direction of Spindle

N/A Horizontal Stand Up Stant Down Vertical Down Vertical Up

Type of Spindle

N/A ASA Collet

Type of Multi Spindle Head

N/A Catch Clip Type Fixed Spindle Type

Requested Drilling and Tapping Unit

N/A Selfeeder Synchotapper