Sugino multi-drill heads allow one stroke drilling of up to four holes with extremely close center distances and close tolerances factory set as specified by the customer.
Unit of Measure


Operating Air Pressure (psig)

N/A 90

No. of Spindle

N/A 4

Center Distance Min. to Max. (inches)

N/A 0.60 to 2.16

Drill Chuck Capacity (inches)

N/A 1/32 to 15/64

Chuck Type

N/A Erickson collet model 300

Max. Drill Size - Plastics Wood (inches)

N/A 3/16

Max. Drill Size - Aluminum (inches)

N/A 5/32

Max. Drill Size - Steel (inches)

N/A 1/8

Applicable Selfeeder Model

N/A SFC-1311U

Machining Specification

N/A Drilling Reaming Tapping


N/A Blind Through


N/A Dry Oil Base Water Base

Working Direction of Spindle

N/A Horizontal Stand Up Stant Down Vertical Down Vertical Up

Type of Spindle

N/A ASA Collet

Type of Multi Spindle Head

N/A Catch Clip Type Fixed Spindle Type

Requested Drilling and Tapping Unit

N/A Selfeeder Synchotapper

Spindle Motor

N/A 4-Spindle



  • When ordering, please give the required center distance and any other specifications.
  • Dimensions of the Multi Drill Heads type will vary according to the center distance spindles.