When there is limited accessibility to the work area, the offset head is an ideal accessory to the Selfeeder. It is attached directly onto the Selfeeder in place of the standard type drilling head. If the workpiece has an obtrusion or difficult contour the offset head can get into spots normally difficult or impossible for the standard drilling head. Drilling and countersinking operations can be done easily.
The drilling capacity of the offset drill head is in accordance with the capacity of selfeeder used.
Unit of Measure


Operating Air Pressure (psig)

N/A 90

Offset Pitch (inches)

N/A 1.5354

Chuck Capacity (inches)

N/A 3/64 to 25/64

Chuck Type

N/A Erickson collet model 200

Speed Ratio

N/A 1

Applicable Selfeeder Model

N/A SFB-6005 SFB-6016 SFB-6028 SFB-6080

Weight (lbs)

N/A 1.6

Machining Specification

N/A Drilling Reaming Tapping


N/A Blind Through


N/A Dry Oil Base Water Base

Working Direction of Spindle

N/A Horizontal Stand Up Stant Down Vertical Down Vertical Up

Type of Spindle

N/A ASA Collet

Type of Multi Spindle Head

N/A Catch Clip Type Fixed Spindle Type

Requested Drilling and Tapping Unit

N/A Selfeeder Synchotapper



    The drilling capacity of the Drill Head is in accordance with the capacity of Selfeeder used.