For use when the required minimum center distance is particularly small.
Unit of Measure


Operating Air Pressure (psig)

N/A 90

Center Distance Min. to Max. (inches)

N/A 0.60 to 2.52

Drill Chuck Capacity (inches)

N/A 1/32 to 15/64

Chuck Type

N/A Erickson collet model 300

Max. Drill Size - Plastics Wood (inches)

N/A 15/64

Max. Drill Size - Aluminum (inches)

N/A 3/16

Max. Drill Size - Steel (inches)

N/A 9/64

Applicable Selfeeder Model

N/A SFB-6005

Machining Specification

N/A Drilling Reaming Tapping


N/A Blind Through


N/A Dry Oil Base Water Base

Working Direction of Spindle

N/A Horizontal Stand Up Stant Down Vertical Down Vertical Up

Type of Spindle

N/A ASA Collet

Type of Multi Spindle Head

N/A Catch Clip Type Fixed Spindle Type

Requested Drilling and Tapping Unit

N/A Selfeeder Synchotapper



  • When ordering the fixed type, please give the required center distance and any other specifications.
  • Dimensions of the fixed type will vary according to the center distance between spindles.