The MCB- 1 Step Control regulates the feed and recoil motions for drilling holes at depths greater than 5 to 6 times the drill bit diameter. The drilling depth for each step is calculated ac cording to the nature of the workplace material. The actual control is done by setting the timer and a related adjustment to the Hydro-Speed Regulator of the Newtric Selfeeder.

The Step Control will reduce drill bit wear, minimize drill breakage and produce a precision finish. The Step Control provides a signal to a five-port, 2-position solenoid valve for the feed and recoil motions of the Newtric Selfeeder. [The solenoid valve must be provided by customer.) The Selfeeder and the solenoid valve exchange the compressed air for the feed and recoil directly. The A-type specification which is equipped with an air connecting block instead of standard valve block, shown on the separate table, is required for SN2, SN3, SN4 and SN5-types Newtric Selfeeder.

An air return-type Hydro-Speed Regulator is required for step drilling operations. An Operate Signal Kit is also necessary to control maximum depth and "home" positions.
Unit of Measure


Voltage Rating

N/A 24


N/A 4.8

Applicable Unit


Operating Temperature

N/A 0 to 40 ºC

Timer Set Range

T1: 1st step

N/A 0.5 to 11 sec

T2 : return

N/A 0.1 to 5 sec

T3: 2nd and following steps

N/A 0.5 to 11 sec



  • The MCB-1 Step Control permits immediate interfacing with other machines by using signals such as "home" position, feed, storing, and running. This introduces automation to your Selfeeder operations.
  • Three adjustable times are available to optimize cutting operations.
  • Inching feeds can be finely tuned by adjusting the timers.
  • Small and lightweight, the Step Control can be conveniently mounted in any practical area in the control cabinet.

Detail Chart


Power 24 V DC, ripple: not more than 5%, 4.8 W
Timer Set Range T1: 1st Stop
T2: Recoil
T3: 2nd Step or Alter
0.5 - 11 sec. ±20%
0.1 - 5 sec. ±20%
0.5 - 11 sec. ±20%
Input Signal Start No Voltage Contact Signal
24V DC
Inside Power Supply
Zero Detect LS
Feed End Detect LS
Output Signal Operation Contact Capacity
220 VAC
30V DC
1 A (Resistance Load)
Hydro-Speed Regulator Recoil
Feed End Storing
Selfeeder Feed
Ambient Condition Temperature 32"F - 104"F (0"C - 40°C)
Humidity Not more than RH85% No Due Condensation



  • We recommend mounting the MCB-1 in a control cabinet for protection against motor damage.
  • One controller per selfeeder is required.