Elecon feeder utilizes a high performance motor which was developed exclusively for the aero-space industry that demands high accuracy with rigidity, while keeping its overall size conveniently portable and compact.
Unit of Measure


Spindle Speed (no load)1 N/A 92~920 min-1

Chuck Type

N/A JT6 Collect holder ER-20

Maximum Drill Chuck Capacity

N/A φ13 mm

Titanium (6-4Ti) Drill Size

N/A φ13 mm

Maximum Stroke

N/A 80 mm

Spindle Motor

N/A 0.9 kW DC Brushless Motor

Feed Motor

N/A 0.4 AC servo motor kW


N/A 1200 N120 kgf

Max. Rapid Approach Speed

N/A 250 mm/sec

Max. Cutting Speed

N/A 16.7 mm/sec


N/A 11 kg



    1. Precise Drilling Finish:
      The spindle rotation speed and feed speed can be set easily for the best cutting parameters.
    2. Excellent Versatility:
      With various drilling patterns such as very slow feed all breakthrough, this unit can provide optimum performance for multiple ranges of drilling requirements.
    3. High Rigidity and High accuracy:
      A liner guide supporting the feed axis is installed within the unit to improve rigidity as well as its accuracy for unparalleled precise drilling.



    1. The drilling capacity shown above is for a depth equivalent to the drill diameter times two.
    2. The drilling capacity shown in the table above is a reference value and it may very depending on the work place configuration, material., cutting properties, drill diameter, rotation speed and cutting speed.
    3. Control box power voltage is a 3-phase 200V AC±10%, 50/60Hz

  • 1 for 50Hz and 60Hz