High Rigidity Spindle Motor Varimotor
The same high-rigidity and high-power DC brushless motor and precise angular bearing as the Selfeeder Varimec are utilized. It is compact sized spindle unit and capable of doing heavy cut processing.

  1. Install into spindle unit for drilling and end-milling operation
  2. Install into robot for de-burring operation.
  3. Install into special purpose machine for various cutting operations.
Unit of Measure


Spindle Speed (no load)

N/A 390 ~ 3900 min-1

Chuck Type

N/A ER16

Chucking Capacity

N/A 0.5 ~ 10.0 mm

Aluminum Max. Drilling Size (ADC)

N/A 8.5 mm

Cast Iron Max. Drilling Size (FC200)

N/A 7.5 mm

Steel Max. Drilling Size (S45C)

N/A 6.5 mm

Spindle Motor

N/A 0.9 kW


N/A 4 kg


N/A 361 mm


N/A 41 mm


N/A 28 mm


N/A 35 mm


N/A 19 mm



  • To select your model, refer to the workpiece configurations, material, cutting properties, diameter of the hole, and rotation speed.(cutting speed)
  • The drilling capacity shown above is for a depth equivalent to the drill diameter times two.
  • The power voltage is a 3-phase 200V AC±10%, 50/60Hz.
  • For cooling the motor in inside, please input clean dry air into air-inlet.
  • Please take care for not closing the air-outlet for motor cooling by clamp fixture etc. Also please set the air-outlet certainly becomes downward.
  • The leading direction of cable is different from the type of Varimotor. If you need more detailed information, please ask your nearest sales offices. 7. AL…Aluminium, FC…Cast Iron, ST…Steel