Most suitable unit for doing small diameter/deep hole drilling or high-precision drilling with carbide tooling. Easy unit replacement on operations originally utilizing Selfeeder "Electric" types because it uses the same "circular body style".
Unit of Measure


Spindle Speed (no load) 50Hz

N/A 1400 min-1

Spindle Speed (no load) 60Hz

N/A 1700 min-1

Chuck Type

N/A ER20

Chucking Capacity

N/A 0.5 ~ 13 mm

Aluminum Max. Drilling Size (ADC)

N/A 9.5 mm

Cast Iron Max. Drilling Size (FC200)

N/A 6 mm

Steel Max. Drilling Size (S45C)

N/A 6 mm

Maximum Stroke

N/A 150 mm

Spindle Motor

N/A 0.35 (6P Induction motor)

Feed Motor

N/A 0.4 kW AC Servo Motor

Thrust (N)

N/A 1760

Max. Rapid Approach Speed

N/A 200 mm/sec

Max. Cutting Speed

N/A 16.7 mm/sec


N/A 35 kg



  • To select your model, refer to the workpiece configurations, material, cutting properties, diameter of the hole, and rotation speed.(cutting speed)
  • The drilling capacity shown above is for a depth equivalent to the drill diameter times two.
  • The power voltage of the main spindle motor is a 3-phase 200V AC±10%, 50/60Hz. (Feeding axis controller is single-phase.)
  • In the case of a servo motor with a holding brake (optional), add “B” to the end of the model number.
  • AL…Aluminium, FC…Cast Iron, ST…Steel