Selffeeder Varimec SSV3 is a mechanical feedtype of electronic control drilling unit which is best for deep and small hole drilling. It permits manufacturing a flexible, lowe-cost drilling machine in combination with a XY slide unit (prepared by customers).

With a 7.87" total stroke length, the 0.5 HP Varimec SSV3 drill unit is suited for tight installations and for deep-hole drilling operations. It's very small footprint and rigidity make it ideal for many specialized drilling applications.
Unit of Measure


Spindle Speed (no load)

N/A 265 ∼ 2650

Chuck Type

N/A (REGO-FIX type ER20,ER25)

Chucking Capacity

N/A 0.142 ∼ 0.630 in3.6 ∼ 16.0 mm

Aluminum Drill Size (ADC)

N/A 0.142 ∼ 0.472 in3.6 ∼ 12 mm

Cast Iron Drill Size (FC200)

N/A 0.142 ∼ 0.354 in3.6 ∼ 9 mm

Carbon Steel Drill Size (S45C)

N/A 0.142 ∼ 0.315 inches (3.6 ∼ 8 mm)

Maximum Stroke

N/A 7.87 inches (200 mm)

Spindle Motor

N/A 0.53 Hp (0.4 kW) Built-in motor

Feed Motor

N/A 0.53 Hp (0.4 kW) AC servo motor


N/A 372

Thrust (N)

N/A 1660

Max. Rapid Approach Speed

N/A 7.87 inches/sec (195 mm/sec)

Max. Cutting Speed

N/A 0.66 inches/sec (16.7 mm/sec)


N/A 43 kg95 lbs



  • Greater Versatility
    The Varimec controller stores up to 99 individual programs. 13 preprogrammed drill modes simplify set-up and production to handle virtually all holemaking operations. The rigidity of the Varimec provides the user with the ability to perform end-milling and face-machining operations. They can be equipped with multi-spindle and off-set drill heads. And Varimec units can be integrated into any manufacturing operation, cell, system or dedicated machine.
  • High Rigidity and High Accuracy
    Linear slides guide the quill while other proprietary features serve to increase Varimec's rigidity and eliminate side load chattering, Spindle runout is under 0.0004" TIR. Depth repeatability is ±0.0008".
  • Compact Size
    Proprietary features including an internal linear slide, a spindle motor installed in the quill, a robust ball screw and guide bar have reduced the overall size of the Varimec Selfeeder to meet requirements for a very small footprint.



  • The drilling capacity shown is for a depth equivalent to the drill diameter two times.
  • The power voltage of the main spindle inverter is a 3-phase 200V AC+/-10% 50/60Hz (Feeding axis controller is single phase.)
  • In case of servo motor with a holding brake (optional), add "B" to the end of the model number.