The ST-4 Servo Tapper model is a compact tapping unit. The ST4 utilizes an AC servo motor and provides mechanical feed with electricronic programable control. It is a powerfull unit with capacity to tap large holes such as an M27 in aluminum.
Unit of Measure


Motor Type

N/A Induction Motor

Max. Rotating Speed for Tapping (rpm)

N/A 550

Max. Stroke (mm)

N/A 120

Driving Force

N/A 2.7 kW AC servo motor

Weight (kg)

N/A 62

Tapping Capacity

N/A Aluminium M27 Steel M20



  • This model is using the PC-038 type programming console and PC software for the easy setting of stroke and rotating speed, (same as "Selfeeder Varimec").
  • A second reference point allows for greatly reduced recycle time.
  • 99 programs can be set for stroke and rotating speed.



  • Tapping capacities are for spiral tap and point tap (upper part) and for hand tap 2 (lower part) based on the depth of tapping being limited to 1.5 times of the tap diameter.
  • Rotating speed is decided by the material, taping diameter and tapping speed etc.
  • The adequate feed gear shall be selected for the tapping pitch.
  • Please ask us about the feed speed for tapping and the one for fast feed as those are varying for a tapping pitch and a rotating speed.
  • Maximum recommended weight when using multi-spindle heads is up to 40kg.
  • When mounting the unit upward, please provide water proof cover in order to protect the unit from cutting oil and chips.