The ZD series is our innovative response to increasing quantities and diverse conveyor systems. Zippel throughfeed cleaning machines can be custom-fitted onto any production line. Depending on the machine length, the cycle time can thus be adjusted to the machines placed before and after the Zippel machine. In this way, the existing manufacturing process is neither interrupted nor delayed.

Technical Process
  • Multiple wash and rinse stations along the production line
  • Largely free of extracted air
  • Manual or automatic loading
  • Noise insulation enclosure for low emission levels
  • Process duration invidually programmable
  • Reverse chain motion inside the cleaning tunnel
  • Variable conveyor speeds
  • Product carrier conveyor system adapted to equipment
Optional Components
  • In-line, hanging or o-shape conveyor
  • Vacuum, infrared or hot air drying process
  • Water treatment system
  • Oil separator, centrifuge, vaporizer
  • Cyclic operation
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Automation, conveyor technology
  • Loading and unloading solutions
Positive Characteristics
  • Easily accessible for maintenance
  • Energy-saving due to double wall insulation
  • Low servicing costs due to anti-twist snap closure on the nozzle line