• CNC Turret Type High Pressure Cleaning and Deburring Machines

    For precision washing and deburring of simple and complex parts, Sugino’s water jet cleaning machines are the ideal products. Our line of high pressure water washing and deburring machines are fully programmable and have an internal three-axis module that simplifies automation and streamlines the design.

    We offer three models of water jet cleaning machines depending on the part complexity. For simple parts, we have a jet clean center that has one programmable nozzle position suitable for intermediate washing. The CNC turret type machine has the capability of jetting high pressure water from a nozzle positioned through CNC at the machined holes in the part to remove chips, burrs, and debris from complex parts. If areas of the part cannot be reached directly with a high pressure nozzle, our submersible part washer is the perfect solution. Using CNC nozzle positioning and patented Horn nozzle, underwater cavitation is generated to wash and remove chips from inaccessible areas of the part.

    Machines can be supplied in a slim version to enable more than one machine to be incorporated into a production cell or in a wide version that offers an increased travel distance along the axis. No matter what is required, Sugino can provide the highest quality parts cleaning and deburring solution in the industry.

    To learn more about our water jet cleaning machines, please contact us.

  • Jet Clean Center-U-Jet CNC Submerged Part Washing Machine