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Water-Jet Cutting

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Katana2 - Water Jet Cutter

Sugino Machine: As a pioneer and a market leader in the Water Jet Technology Field, Sugino has developed a new abrasive mixing and energy saving Water Jet Cutting Machine. The new extra fine nozzle (minimum dia. 0.012 in. / 0.3mm) enables it to not only minimize cutting width, heat affection , and noise, but also reduces power and abrasive consumption. Thus lowering running costs and environmental burden.

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Water jet machining is a new cutting method that ultra high-pressure water with a maximum pressure level of 392 MPa is jetted from the small-diameter jet nozzle ata speed approximately 3 times faster than the speed of sound and this water jet is made incontact with a workpiece to cut it.

Two kinds of cutting methods with utlization of water jet are provided, one is "Water Jet Cutter" that only water is pressurized to an ultra high-pressure water to improve the machining capability and this high-pressure water is jetted.