Sugino Machine: As a pioneer and a market leader in the Water Jet Technology Field, Sugino has developed a new abrasive mixing and energy saving Water Jet Cutting Machine. The new extra fine nozzle (minimum dia. 0.012 in. / 0.3mm) enables it to not only minimize cutting width, heat affection , and noise, but also reduces power and abrasive consumption. Thus lowering running costs and environmental burden.

Minimum dia. (0.012 in. / 0.3mm) cutting allowance was achieved with the development of the dia. (0.012 in./0.3mm) extra fine abrasive nozzle. Further precise cutting is enabled by harmonic combination of clean & stable Servo Jet Pump and high precise axis-control mechanism of machining center.This is the new generation Water Jet Cutting developed by our accumulated technical knowledge and many years of field experience.

Unit of Measure


Abrasive Nozzle Hole Diameter

N/A 0.012 - 0.020 Inch0.3 - 0.5 mm

Stroke (X Axis)

N/A 9.8 Inch240 mm

Stroke (Y Axis)

N/A 7.87 Inch200 mm

Stroke (Z Axis)

N/A 7.87 Inch200 mm

Discharge Pressure

N/A 43,600 psi300 MPa

Max. Discharge Pressure

N/A 50,800 psi350 MPa

Flow Rate

N/A 0.7 L/min0.17 gpm

Rapid Feed Rate

N/A 20 m/min66 ft/min

Machine Width

N/A 750 mm30 Inch

Machine Length

N/A 2,050 mm81 Inch

Machine Height

N/A 2,100 mm83 Inch

Pump Width

N/A 27 Inch685 mm

Pump Length

N/A 48 Inch1,200 mm

Pump Height

N/A 61 Inch1,530 mm

Power Supply (AC)

N/A "AC200V Pump: 13k VA, Machine: 5k VA" V


  • Mechanical parts: High quality shape cutting or micro cutting for difficult to machine materials
  • Automobile and Aerospace: low-volume production of multiple varieties
  • Job Shop: New material cutting or trial tests
  • Sub

Applicable Material

N/A CFRP Copper Laminated lumber Paper Polystyrene Resin Rubber Stainless steel Tempered Glass


High Precision Material Cutting

N/A Adopting an extra fine abrasive nozzle can achieve superior fine cutting and improvement of finished edge roughness as well as other typical features of water jet such as "no-heat affect" and "no-contact cutting". The Materials which are difficult for laser cutting, can also be handled.

Energy, Running Cost & Floor Space Savings

N/A Uses 60%* less abrasives, which also contributed to the downsizing of the pump and reduction of running costs. The floor space of the machine only takes up 33 ft2 (3m2). *Depends on material thickness and material type.