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    Selfeeder component drill units set the industry standard for accurate and reliable drilling and tapping. They are automated to save time and labor during machining operations and lead to more precisely completed parts.

    Drill units deliver reliability and consistent performance. Sugino offers units that are air/electric, pneumatic, or servo driven to fit in with any type of equipment or system. The electric series features precision air feed drilling with rapid advance and a patented no-drift spindle design. Servo driven mechanical feed type units are compact, fully programmable, and has a rigid guide rail system for light milling and precision drilling applications. Pneumatic drilling units are designed to maintain consistent speeds and can be used without being electrically wired.

    When used in conjunction with a machining center, drill units provide flexibility, increased productivity, and precision part making. Capable of drilling holes in ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we offer selfeeder drill units in numerous drill diameter capacities to meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications. For more information on Sugino’s complete line of drill units, please contact us.

  • Tapping

    • Electrical/Mechanical Type to 3 HP (2.2 Kw)
    • Servo Driven Type to 3.6 HP (2.7 Kw)

  • heads

    Precision Fixed and Adjustable Drilling and Tapping Heads. View products here.

  • Gunfeeder

    Single and Twin Spindle up to 0.196 IN. (5 MM) Capacity

  • Product Image - Universal Mounting Stand

    • Mounting clamps
    • Hydrospeed regulators for feed control
    • Signal kits for unit position detection
    • Controllers