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Model # SGF-05120LR, Gun Feeder LR

This is a highly precise gun drill machine equipped with workpiece rotation device specializing drilling of small dia. and deep hole. Giving counter rotation to the workpiece, straightness of the hole is dramatically improved

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

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Drill Hole Size (mm)

φ 0.9 ∼ φ 5.0

Max. Drill Hole Depth (mm)


Z-Axis Stroke (mm)


Spindle Size (min-1)

2000 ∼ 12000

Spindle Motor

0.75 kW (1 HP)

Spindle Motor Pole


Feed Axis Motor

0.5 kW (0.67 HP) AC Servo Motor

Min. Programmable Unit (mm)


Tank Capacity (L)


High Pressure Pump Flow

6 L/min (1.58 GPM)

High Pressure Pump

11 Mpa (1595 PSI)

High Pressure Pump Motor

3.7 kW 2P

Washing Pump Motor

0.4 kW 2P

Filter Pump Motor

0.4 kW 2P

Line Filter


Collet Chuck

Pull 0.25

Rotation Speed (min-1)


Width (mm)


Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (kg)


  • Realization of High Precision Cutting - Adoption of a workpiece rotation device developed by Sugino contributes to prevent curving of drilled hole by 1/10 or below (As per Sugino’ test data).
  • No Need of Alignment Adjustment - Thanks to an automatic centering system (option), it is not necessary to adjust alignment between tool and workpiece

Machine Option
    3 color signal tower

Area sensor

Automatic centering vibration-proof mechanism

Automatic door

Hand start/stop switch

Machine light equipment(DC24V)

Multi counter

Oil mist lubrication (only spindle unit)

Reverse-washing filter specifications

Rotary lamp

Self-extinguish unit

Special color

Three whip guide

Tool damage sensor

Total counter

Two whip guide

Z-axis stroke 540 mm

  • The drilling depth varies to the gun drill length.
    As the standard, the gun drill vibration-stopper device is provided at one location, Depending on the length of the gun drill used. two or three devices are required, (optional).
  • The maximum working pressure of the high-pressure pump is 11 MPa (when the viscosity is 10 mm2/s (cSt),) However, the pressure and flow rate varies to the viscosity of the fluid, diameter and length of the gun drill used.
  • The collet size is 3 to 26 mm. The suitable size of collet can be selected according to work piece diameter.
  • Standard coating color / mount: Dark gray (Munsell N3.0, splash guard: White. Front door: Metallic blue.

  • Fuel injection nozzle
  • Sleeve pin for molding
  • Parts for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  • Parts for electronic device
  • Parts for construction machinery
  • Parts for automobile, etc.


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