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Model # SFC-1338U, SFC Selfeeders

For drill sizes up to 3/8 in. diameter when drilling steel. The speed range covered by this series is from 300 rpm to 4,300 rpm.

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

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Operating Air Pressure (psig)


Speed at no Load (rpm)


Drill Chuck Capacity (inches)


Max. Drill Size - Plastics Wood (inches)


Max. Drill Size - Aluminum (inches)


Max. Drill Size - Steel (inches)


Power (HP)


Ram Stroke (inches)




Air Consumption at no Load (ft³/min)


Air Consumption at Max. Load (ft³/min)


Main Air Inlet Connectors (NPTF)1


Pilot Air Inlet Connectors (NPTF)2


Weight (lbs)


A (inches)


B (inches)


C (inches)


D (inches)


F (inches)


G (inches)


H (inches)


I (inches)


J (inches)

2.6756 - 2.6768

K (inches)


L (inches)


M (inches)


N (inches)


O (inches)


P (inches)


R (inches)


S (inches)


T (inches)


U (inches)


V (inches)

1 Hose ID over 23/64 in
2 Hose ID over 3/32 in

  • Compressed Air Operation
    All functions are operated solely by compressed air. The unit does not require an electric or hydraulic source.
  • Compact and Tough
    Air as a source of power is superior to all other systems. It allows for a compact yet rugged structure; is safe and easy to handle.
  • Fully Automatic
    Rotation, travel; fast forward, cutting, reverse, and stop, can all be controlled by the miniature control head built into the back end of the body. There is no need for a complicated pipeline or valve system.
  • Efficient and Precise Operation at any Angle
    Selfeeders can be operated at any angle. A series of units mounted at various angles can be set for drilling, tapping, or threading, either simultaneously or individually.
  • Automatic Control of Rotation Speed
    The rpms of the air motor are automatically controlled by a mechanism which limits the air inlet at no load and opens the air inlet according to the work load. This system allows efficient use of the air supply and optimum torque conditions at the motor.
  • Precise Machining Adjustment
    Continuously variable screw adjustments control cutting speed, forward speed, and hole depth. The adjustment screws can be set for very precise tolerances. Even more precise machining can be obtained by using the Micro-stopper which will control the depth of blind holes and counter sinking to ± 0.0008 in.
  • Step-Feed Mechanism
    This compact unit is invaluable for deep holes and very small holes. Automatic stepfeeding during drilling prevents drill breakage, gives a cleaner and more accurate hole, and more economical operation.
  • Hydro-Speed Regulator
    The Hydro-Speed Regulator allows a high speed approach to the workpiece then controls the final approach and actual forward travel during drilling. The controlled travel speed is adjustable and can be set to suit the material of the workpiece and drill size. Furthermore, the sudden forward surge at breakthrough is eliminated, thus preventing breakthrough burrs and drill breakage.
  • In-line Synchronization
    An air signal from the control head can be utilized as a synchronization signal for other in-line machine operations. Index table and drilling operations, etc. can be set for fully automatic continuous operation.
  • Drilling Capacity from 1/64 to 1 11/64 in. dia.
    Units are available to cover a range of drill sizes from 1/64 to 1 11/64 in. dia. A model covering a suitable drill size range and rotation speed can be selected depending on workpiece material and other requirements.
  • Multiple Spindle Heads
    Drive heads with a capacity for 2, 3, or 4 drills are available. The head is fitted in place of the standard single spindle drill head. Pitch between spindles is easily and precisely adjustable.
  • Drilling when Accessibility is Limited
    When there is an obtrusion on the workpiece or some obstacle which restricts normal drilling, the offset drill head will permit easy drilling. It is attached to the Selfeeder unit.
  • Low Noise
    The characteristic noise of the air motor is drastically reduced by use of a unique silencer incorporated in the Selfeeder body.
  • Exhaust Oil and Moisture Collection
    An effective system of collecting and draining oil and moisture contained in the exhaust air. The system also adds further muffling to the residual exhaust noise.
  • Attachments for Multiple Applications
    As a result of analysis of some 6500 types of machining a wide variety of attachments have been developed. With the combination of these attachments and the different Selfeeder models you can build up your own. special machine.
  • Ideal for Short Run Production
    The interchangeability of the Selfeeder and the various attachments make for economy in short run production. The attachment or Selfeeder model can be quickly changed to suit the new production item. The simplicity of interchange allows for minimum changeover time, and there is always the surety of precision and high efficiency.
  • Efficient Use of Air Energy
    The used air coming from the air motor is effectively applied for cooling the gear box, drill, and workpiece. The residual oil contained in the air provides a highly efficient lubrication to the gears etc.. This method of cooling and lubrication maintains precision and provides high durability with maximum use of the air power.
  • Our Low Cost Strategy
    Some 25000 special machines using Selfeeders for boring, tapping, deburring, grinding, etc., are now in operation. The range of applications is extremely wide. Some of these machines have been designed and constructed by Sugino, others have been built up by the customer for his own special application. A combination of Sugino Selfeeders will provide low cost production for all kinds of machining work.
    Sugino engineers will offer advice on your special requirements.

Available Options


FS-68, Complete Set
LC-68, Level Clamps

Hydro Speed Regulators

RB-2430, Hydro Speed Regulators (Spring Return)
RB-2460, Hydro Speed Regulators (Spring Return)
R-2442A, Hydro Speed Regulators (Air Return)
R-2462A, Hydro Speed Regulators (Air Return)
R-2482A, Hydro Speed Regulators (Air Return)

Operating Signal Kits

OSK-100C-EM, Operation-Signal Kits
OSK-100C-EP, Operation-Signal Kits
OSK-100C-FM, Operation-Signal Kits
OSK-100C-RM, Operation-Signal Kits
OSK-100C-RP, Operation-Signal Kits
OSK-100C-WM, Operation-Signal Kits

Multiple Spindle Heads

2DC-2075APU-1, Adjustable
2DC-2075APU-2, Adjustable
2DC-2075APU-3, Adjustable
2DC-2075APU-4, Adjustable
2DC-065ADU-1, Adjustable
2DC-065ADU-2, Adjustable
2DC-065ADU-3, Adjustable
2DC-065ADU-4, Adjustable
ODC-50130PU, Offset Drill Heads
ODC-0130DU, Offset Drill Heads
2DC-845BPU-1, Fixed Type
2DC-845BPU-2, Fixed Type
2DC-2075BPU-1, Fixed Type
2DC-2075BPU-2, Fixed Type
2DC-2075BPU-3, Fixed Type
2DC-2075BPU-4, Fixed Type
3DC-845BPU-1, Drill Heads (Fixed Type)
3DC-845BPU-2, Drill Heads (Fixed Type)
3DC-845BPU-3, Drill Heads (Fixed Type)
4DC-845BPU-1, Drill Heads (Fixed Type)
4DC-845BPU-2, Drill Heads (Fixed Type)
4DC-845BPU-3, Drill Heads (Fixed Type)
4DC-845BPU-4, Drill Heads (Fixed Type)

  • Hydro-Speed Regulator is not supplied on standard models but is supplied on request only
  • As the operating air pressure (standard 90 psi) increase or decrease drilling efficiency changes accordingly
  • When the work pieces other then plastics are drilled with drills under 1/32 in. diameter , a speed of less than 7000 rpm is recommended
  • Selfeeder models are selected according to the workpieces shape, workpieces material, accessibility of the work piece, drill life is also into the consideration
  • Holes up to the 1 in, may be drilled in thin steel plate if a hole cutter is used.
  • The standard time required for drilling glass, stone and jewelry is five times that for drilling steel.
  • The above drilling capacities are conditional on the depth of drilling being limited to twice the drill diameter.


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Flex Stand Set Model FS-68

Level Clamps
Level Clamps

 Operating Signal Kits 

Product Image - Operation-Signal Kit
Operation-Signal Kits

Product Image - Operation-Signal Kit
Operation-Signal Kits

more available ..

 Multiple Spindle Heads 

Product Image - Twin Drill Head Collet Chuck Type

Product Image - Offset Drill Head
Offset Drill Heads

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