Single Roller Superoll Is outstanding In Its lightness and compactness.
The mirror-surface finishing can burnish inner, outer, and end surface changing tool direction.
Unit of Measure


Shank Size (in)

N/A Ø0.984 x 3.940

Maximum Processing Length (in)

N/A 3.940

Work Piece Inner Diameter

N/A Ø1.181" or more

Work Piece Outer Diameter

N/A Unlimited

Work Piece Material

N/A Aluminum Carbon Steel Cast Iron Light Alloy Stainless

Peripheral Velocity / Feed / Load


Work piece
Peripheral velocity Feed Load
ft/min in/rev lbs
Carbon steel 165-325 .001-.020 121-315
Stainless Steel
Cast iron
Aluminum/Light alloy 325-650 22-90

Processing Conditions

N/A How to Use

  1. Attach the Single Roller Superoll to the turret of driving device such as NC lathe.
  2. Set spring load In the tool by preload adjusting knob.
  3. Rotate the work piece, and feed the tool with correct roller compression.

Unprocessable Section by Superoll



N/A The above unprocessable length is values when the clearance between tool and processing end surface is .020 in.