• V15

    Vertical machining centers perform a variety of machining operations with precision and speed. Sugino designs and manufactures innovative equipment that meets the needs of today’s manufacturing environment. From simple to complex applications, our equipment has the reliability, durability, and accuracy to simplify part production.

    Sugino’s vertical machining centers offer high-speed precision machining in a compact footprint to easily fit in with floor space requirements. These innovative machines offer unique features for drilling, tapping, and milling of a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, cast iron, carbon steel, and ABS. Suitable for micro-, heavy duty, high speed, and multi-axis machining, Sugino equipment is the right choice for any industry.

    Our state-of-the-art machining centers are CNC controlled or have capabilities for CNC options. A CNC vertical machining center enables exceptional precision and accuracy. We offer models that are available with 5-axis and multi-function capabilities, innovative table features, and the ability for production of small precise parts or larger-scale parts.

    The Sugino vertical machining center is an advanced technology that offers a reliable method for tight tolerance fabrication of industrial parts. Please contact us to learn more about this wide ranging product line.

  • H15

    Sugino offers a broad range of horizontal machining centers to meet the needs of any industrial application. The horizontal design allows chips to fall away enabling uninterrupted production because work does not need to stop to clear chips from the table. Our compact equipment is ideal for space restricted areas while still delivering exceptional results in machining of metal and non-metal materials.

    As an effective solution to milling and boring processes, horizontal machining centers are suitable for high-quality mass production or small parts that demand outstanding machining performance. Our high-speed spindles provide repeatable performance and superior part quality. If your application demands additional space for fixture shuttle or overhead part transfer, our machines with three-axis travel on the column can accomplish that.

    With the addition of an optional CNC high-speed index table, multi-face machining can be accomplished. No matter what type of part you are producing, we have a CNC horizontal machining center that will meet all your needs. Please contact us today to learn more about features and capabilities for all of our horizontal machining centers and how they can increase your productivity and profitability.

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