Provides "mirror" surface finishing on flat milled surfaces. This process is suited for mating and sealing surfaces as there is no limitation on surface width.
Unit of Measure


Effective Diameter - D

N/A 1.574 inches (40 mm)

Tool Outer Diameter - D

N/A 2.363 inches (60 mm)

Shank Length - F

N/A 3.150 inches (80 mm)

Shank Diameter - E

N/A 0.984 inches (25 mm)

Overall Length - L

N/A 4.528 inches (115 mm)

Rollers Quantity

N/A 8

Rotation min-1

N/A 500 ∼ 1600


N/A 0.008 ∼ 0.027 inch/rev (0.2 ∼ 0.7 mm/rev)

Pressing Depth

N/A 0.0008 ∼ 0.0019 inches (0.02 ∼ 0.05 mm)



  • The Superoll Level burnishing tool is designed to easily adapt to any machining center. Processing in the same machining center reduces the overhead costs associated with programming multiple machine tools.
  • Surface pressure is controlled by the Z-Axis drive system.
  • The Superoll Level burnishing tool is processed in the same manner as a face mill.

Processing Conditions

N/A How to use

  1. Attach Superoll Level to driving device such as maching center or milling maching. Note that chuck processing is a must for Superoll Level.
  2. Set driving device’s Z-Axis accurately (stroke control) in order to provide appropriate pressure value. (0.02-0.05mm from workpiece surface.)
  3. Like milling process, rotate Superoll Level and slide it parallel to metal surface to compress.


N/A One chuck processing = burnishing WITHOUT UNCHUCKING the work piece after pre-burnishing process.