Compact machining module specially designed for ultra high speed cutting.
Horizontal type machining module with 17000 min-1 spindle (Option 20000 min-1).
H9 self-unit provides large transfer space and fixture space because of the horizontal design.
Also easy to integrate with loading system and robot.
Unit of Measure


Max. Synchronized Tapping

N/A 6000 min-1

Stroke X-axis

N/A 200 mm300 mm

Stroke Y-axis

N/A 200 mm

Stroke Z-axis

N/A 250 mm

Spindle Speed

N/A 17000/min at 1.5KW 20000/min at 1.5KW

Rapid Feed Rate (X,Y,Z)

N/A 30 m/min

Max. Cutting Feed Rate

N/A 10 m/min

ATC Number of Tools

N/A 13 9

ATC Indexing Time

N/A 0.7 sec

ATC Tool Shank

N/A JBS S20T (Pull Stud S20R-2)

Max. ATC Tool Dimension

N/A Ø32 x 160 mm

Max. ATC Tool Weight

N/A 0.5 kg

Machine Width

N/A 895 mm

Machine Length

N/A 1207 mm

Machine Height

N/A 1720 mm

Machine Weight

N/A 1050 kg

Power Supply (AC)

N/A 200 V

Voltage Tolerance

N/A ±10%


N/A 50/60 Hz


N/A 3

Max. Power Capacity

N/A 20 kVA

Air Pressure

N/A 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa

Max. Air Consumption

N/A 90 L/min(ANR)



Material Aluminum (ADC) Cast Iron (FC200) Carbon Steel (S45C)
Drilling mm Ø13 Ø10 Ø9
Tapping   M12 M8 M6
Milling Cutter cm3/min 50 10 7