Unit of Measure


Number of Simultaneous Control Axis

N/A 2 (Circular Interpolation) 3 (Positioning & Linear Interpolation)

Minimum Programmable Unit

N/A 0.001 mm

Max. Synchronized Tapping

N/A 4000 min-1

Handle Feed

N/A Manual Pulse Generator

Memory Capacity

N/A 160M 320

Number of Stored Program

N/A 125/250 63

Operation Panel

N/A 7.2" LCD & Flat Keyboard

Display Language

N/A English Japanese

I/O Interface

N/A RS232C

Number of Tools Subject to Compensations

N/A 32 (V/H611) 64 (V-1555) 99/200

Canned Cycle

N/A Applicable

Sub Program

N/A Applicable

Backlash Compensation

N/A Applicable

Pitch Error Compensation

N/A Applicable

Skip Function

N/A Applicable

Stored Stroke Limit

N/A Applicable

Side Door Interlock

N/A Applicable

Self-Diagnostic Capability

N/A Applicable

Tool Life Management

N/A O (H-1522F) O (V-1555)

CNC Options

N/A Additional Controlled Axis (1 axis) Additional Controlled Axis (2 axis) Advanced Preview Control Automatic Corner Override Automatic Power Off Coordinate System Rotation External Memory Device Helical Interpolation Macro Program Tool Life Management (V/H611)