Self-Center with turret head capable of high cost performance for manufacturing products for various kinds and medium lot as well as for mass production. Small machining center has a multi function and many mechanical and CNC options are also available.
Unit of Measure


Stroke X-axis

N/A 300 mm

Stroke Y-axis

N/A 250 mm

Stroke Z-axis

N/A 250 mm

Working Area

N/A 300 x 500 mm

Allowable Load (kg)

N/A 500

Distance From Table Surface to Spindle Nose

N/A 205 ~ 550 mm

High Speed Spindle

N/A 12000 min-1 at 2.2 kW

Rapid Feed Rate (X,Y,Z)

N/A 30 m/min

Max. Cutting Feed Rate

N/A 10 m/min

Min. Programmable Unit (mm)

N/A 0.001


N/A 0.004 mm

Repeatability (mm)

N/A ±0.001

Number of Tools

N/A 6 (Standard) 8 (Optional)

Indexing Time (Sec)

N/A 1/1.2 (60/50Hz)

ATC Tool Shank

N/A BT30 (No Pull Stud Necessary)

Max. ATC Tool Dimension

N/A Ø80 x 200 mm

Max. ATC Tool Weight

N/A 3 kg

ATC Tool Selection

N/A Memory Random, shortest approach

Machine Width

N/A 1100 mm

Machine Length

N/A 2035 mm

Machine Height

N/A 2070 mm

Machine Weight

N/A 1800 kg

Power Supply (AC)

N/A 200 V

Voltage Tolerance

N/A ±10 %


N/A 50/60 Hz


N/A 3

Max. Power Capacity

N/A 11 kVA

Air Pressure

N/A 0.4 ~ 0.6 Mpa

Max. Air Consumption

N/A 50 L/min(ANR)



  1. Automatic Lubrication system is a standard equipment.
  2. Standard color : dark gray [Munsell N3.0](base), white (splash guard), and metallic blue (front door)