Diamond tip type burnishing tool, CAT'S EYE can be applied to hard materials up to HRC 60. Throw-away tip enables quick and easy replacement.
  • For outer and end surfaces
Unit of Measure


Processing Section

N/A Outer Surface

Shank Diameter (in)

N/A Ø0.984

Shank (mm²)

N/A 16 20

Handed Direction

N/A Left Handed

Work Piece Material

N/A Suj2(HRC60

Work Piece Inner Diameter (in)

N/A 0.512

Surface Roughness (Ry µ inch)

N/A After burnishing 15.74 Ry, 0.4 Rz Before burnishing 15.48 Ry, 4.0 Rz

Peripheral Velocity (ft/min)

N/A 325

Feed (in/rev)

N/A 0.001

Spring Load (lbs)

N/A 200

Tip Type and Number


Comparison Section by Surface Roughness


Processing Conditions

N/A How to use

    1. Attach CAT'S EYE, do the turret of lathe.
    2. Set preload (spring tension built In the body).
    3. Rotate the work piece and feed the tool with correct processing parameters.
      Set tool pressing amount.
    • For outer and end surface: .004"-.012" in from the work piece surface.
    • For inner: .012-.021 in from the work piece surface.
    4.When tool reaches to the burnishing end point, stop the feed and separate the tool from the work piece to finish burnishing.
  1. Tool rotation is not possible.
  2. Be sure to use lubricants while burnishing.
    Do not stop rotating the work piece until the tool is separated from it.
  3. One chuck processing is recommended from pre-burnishing to burnishing.
    One chuck processing = burnishing WITHOUT UNCHUCKING the work piece after pre-burnishing process.

Unprocessable Section by Superoll

The above unprocessable length is values when the clearance between tool and processing end surface is .012 in.

Assembled Drawing