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Cat's Eye S Surface

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Diamond tip type burnishing tool, CAT'S EYE can be applied to hard materials up to HRC 60. Throw-away tip enables quick and easy replacement.
  • For outer and end surfaces


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Model #

Processing Section

Shank Diameter (in)

Handed Direction

Peripheral Velocity (ft/min)

Feed (in/rev)

Spring Load (lbs)

Tip Type and Number

CEO-4D1R-S25 Outer Surface Ø0.984 Right Handed 165~650 0.002 9 DT4D1
CEO-4D1L-S25 Outer Surface Ø0.984 Left Handed 325 0.001 200 DT4D1
CEF-4D1R-S25 End Surface Ø0.984 Right Handed 165~650 0.002 45 DT4D1
CEF-4D1L-S25 End Surface Ø0.984 Left Handed N/A N/A N/A DT4D1
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1