Jet Clean Center™ Series

Synergy effect between the 7 MPa HP Jet and cavitation efficiently and effectively removes debris from complex features within a part.
Unit of Measure


Applicable Work

N/A Cylinder Head
Cylinder Block
Valve Body

Washing Sample/Cylinder Head

N/A Material of work piece: Aluminum
Pressure: 5MPa


N/A Best for Parts with Complex Internal Features
Swirling water by U-Jet cavitation creates access to blind corners and hidden passages in complex parts.

Target Washing at High Accuracy
Effectively and aggressively washes and removes debris from areas within a part that cannot be reached directly with a high pressure nozzle.

Highly accurate and efficient washing is achieved utilizing the CNC control and positioning accuracy of 0.08 mm.

Applicable to both Submerged & Open-air Washing
Submerged and open air high pressure washing can be combined into one machine saving cost and floor space.

Horn Nozzle for Submerged Washing
Cavitation bubbles are effectively created by Sugino's original Horn Nozzle design.