• Product Image - Jet Clean Center
  • CNC Turret Type High Pressure Cleaning and Deburring Machines

    Jet Clean Center™ Series

    This CNC turret type cleaning and deburring machine is capable of jetting high pressure water of 50MPa (MAX) from a CNC positioned nozzle to the cross holes, deep holes and tap holes to totally remove chips and burrs. SLIM and WIDE machines are available depending on the installation space and workpiece size.

  • Jet Clean Center-U-Jet CNC Submerged Part Washing Machine

    Jet Clean Center™ Series

    Synergy effect between the 7 MPa HP Jet and cavitation efficiently and effectively removes debris from complex features within a part.

  • Jet Clean Center-BLOW Air Blow Drying Machine

    Combining the rotating action of a 4th axis table with multiple air nozzles configured in 3 directions to effectively dry parts.

  • Jet Clean Center-Vacuum Dryer

    A high drying standard is accomplished using a vacuum pump to generate a vacuum of less than 10 torr in the chamber to evaporate remaining moisture.

  • Cleanliness Assessment Systems - Residue Collecting Unit

    Jet Clean Center™ Series

    The Cleanriser was developed to complement the JCC series of washing machines and to create a system that will systematically measure and assess washing results in an efficient and accurate manner.

  • JCC-503-Robo

    JCC-Robo is a highiy efficient washing machine that enablestransfer,washing, and drying of workpieces without the need for any other equipment.Featuring highly rigid robotic hands,it achieves shorter cycle time and a smaller footprint. Furthermore, it offers longer stroke lengths and more nozzles than its predecessor,enabling even more powerful precision washing.