New to the Jet Clean Center Series, the JCC Robo offers 5-axes CNC, all new articulation and adjustable flow rate and water pressure to optimize washing conditions. This self-loading washer picks up a part, systematically washes it in a part submersing tank, rinsses it with nozzles jetting water from four directions, air blows the part with compressed air or hoigh velocity blower and sets the part down at the end of the cycle. The JCC Robo features a FANUC CNC, rigid column construction, rapid part reciprocation, 1000 psi (7MPa) water pressure, 32 GPM (120 l/min) flow rate, pinpoint positioning accuracy, lance wash and wide work envelope. The JCC Robo is also compatible for integration with conveyor, gantry loader or robot transfer equipment.

Jet Clean Center: Available at processing pressures up to 7250 psi (500 bar), Jet-Clean Centers are CNC based washing and deburring machines designed for precision washing and deburring of both simple and complex parts. A version is also available as a submerged cavitation type washing system. Complementary equipment includes Air and Vacuum type Drying systems and Sugino's own Clenliness Assessment System.

JCC-Robo is a highiy efficient washing machine that enablestransfer,washing, and drying of workpieces without the need for any other equipment. Featuring highly rigid robotic hands,it achieves shorter cycle time and a smaller footprint.

Furthermore, it offers longer stroke lengths and more nozzles than its predecessor,enabling even more powerful precision washing.


Recommended Applications

N/A Automotive Parts Engine Parts Transmission Parts

Orthogonal 3-axis and Joint 2-axis Design




An orthogonal 3-axis and joint 2-axis design delivers high rigidity and high accuracy! Unique CNC robotic hand washing. (Automatic Change of Robotic Hands.(optional))

JCC-Robo includes a feature that automatically changes robotic hands.

This means that the machine adapts easily to a production line where different models exist and is thus ideal for flexble production.


Examples of Washing

Open Air Washing Machine

Valve Body
Material of WorkPiece: Aluminum
Pressure: 30 MPa

Submerged Washing Machine

Cylinder Head
Material of WorkPiece: Aluminum
Pressure: 6.5 MPa


Dimensions (mm)