This unit is used for collecting the fluid residue accumulated from manually rinsing a part that has just been washed in a JCC type machine. It was designed with ease of operation in mind.
Unit of Measure


Cleaning Method

N/A Manual (Rinse solution and pressurized air)

Filter Size Coverage

N/A 47 mm

Max. Applicable Workpiece Dimension

N/A 980 x 480 mm


N/A Air Gun Rinse Solution Gun


N/A 1050 mm


N/A 600 mm


N/A 1300 mm

Approximately Weight

N/A 100 kg

Air Source

N/A 0.4 Mpa150 nL/min


N/A Reduce Extra Work & Shorten Inspection Time
Visual inspection takes a long time and more manpower is required. With the Cleanriser, a huge reduction in time and workload is achieved.

Improve and Stabilize Inspection Accuracy
Scan filters with collected residue at high resolution. It provides the dimension of the residue at resolution of 7µm.

Enhanced Features
Inspection efficiency can be significantly improved by user-friendly interface, simplified operating procedures and convenient output function.